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Stash Hempeck
grew up on a multi-purpose farm in southern Minnesota during the 1950s and -60s, when farming as an honorable and respectful occupation was in decline.  Over the years, he mastered most of the aspects related to carpentry, plumbing, and electricity, as well as earning a BA in History from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in Creative Writing from Minnesota State University Moorhead , and is at the moment on what appears to be a permanent hiatus from a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing.  He  taught Writing at a number of local universities in the area.  His first love, however, comes from the viewpoint of a farmer who is embedded in the land and all its attendants.  Contact:  captaincossack@juno.com.

Erik Meyer has lived in the Red River Valley since 2005 and is a jack of all trades, having been an owner of the Red Raven Espresso Parlor, a teacher at Minnesota State University Moorhead and in the Fargo Public Schools, and an ongoing loving father (in addition to his interest in food production).  Contact:  erik.meyer.contracting@gmail.com

Ethan Kent  enjoys dogs, cats, and horses--well, animals in general.  He also enjoys cooking, likes to grow hot peppers, and loves food in all its glorious manifestations.  He worked in the state of Maine as a chef at Street and Company, which is known as one of the premier restaurants on the New England coast.  Contact:  ekent1990@gmail.com